Are Voice based solutions still central to business success?

Are Voice-based technologies central to todays business success? A business’s ability to communicate effectively with customers, suppliers and staff is critical to its success. Good communication improves efficiency, allows businesses to reach new potential customers and helps build long-lasting relationships.

However, in the ever developing internet connected workplace, new technologies have radically changed working practices and an increase in flexible working options. It’s now easier to work remotely and remain in close contact with colleagues and customers, while businesses have a range of methods when it comes to directly contacting customers, from email through to social media.

Unified Communications

All of these technologies are facilitated by high-quality, reliable connectivity. Used effectively in combination with one another, these technologies are known as Unified Communications – encompassing everything from instant messaging to video conferencing, yet despite these innovations, traditional voice communications remain as resilient and central to effective businesses as ever, people like talking to people.

Business sales, for instance is still a largely phone-based activity. Despite the alternatives available, the traditional phone call is typically more effective in building rapport in a manner that can’t be quite achieved by email or text. Hearing someone’s voice gives us a sense of who that person is, and the quality and reliability of the product they’re selling. The more complex the goods or services being sold are, the more appropriate voice communication is.

Integrated phone systems

The humble office phone is also undergoing change, to ensure it connects with Skype, Facetime and other voip software. Integrated phone systems that accommodate voice calls, video conferencing and text-based communication are already becoming increasingly central to business communications – offering the flexibility and variety today’s fast based business needs.

All of these technologies rely on high-performance connectivity and bandwidth to help businesses in all sectors communicate effectively internally and externally. But while the pace of technological change continues to increase, it’s clear that voice-based technologies will remain central to this communication for some time to come yet.

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