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AirSpeed has an enterprise grade, fully managed high-speed internet service for business customers. The internet connection is fast, uncontended and symmetrical. We connect directly to Tier1 and Tier2 IP Transit providers, to multiple internet exchanges and to content delivery networks in Ireland and the UK, ensuring your business enjoys the best experience.

Features & Benefits

  • Access over fibre or licensed wireless
  • Rapid service provisioning means quicker connectivity
  • A fully managed service with proactive monitoring
  • Fast, reliable and secure connections
  • Scalable bandwidths to multi-Gigabit
  • International peering means fast transit due to multiple direct connections to
  • Internet Exchanges in Dublin (INEX), Cork (CIX) and London (LINX) – this improves internet experience by reducing latency to such sites as RTE, BBC, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Netflix and more
  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA), which includes proactive monitoring and 24-hour service response, is included as standard
  • Additional security and ‘cleaning’ of internet traffic is available via AirSpeed Clean IP


AirSpeed offers a consultative workshop approach when you contact us. We start by gaining an understanding of your existing telecommunications infrastructure. We will then get an appreciation of what business needs are driving your requirements now and in the medium-term future.

This discussion often facilitates the identification of opportunities for efficiencies and where additional functionality can be achieved with resulting cost savings. AirSpeed will agree a solution design with clearly defined deliverables.

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