Multiprotocol Label Switching, or MPLS, is a protocol for efficiently managing network traffic flows. It's a good network solution for enterprises requiring collaborative working across their organisation and with their customers and suppliers.

Some of the benefits are described below:
  • Lower cost - MPLS allows sharing of large network resources but with private routing for customer's traffic
  • Scalability - it allows automatic configuration of the network making it easy to set up new paths, and bring on new sites
  • Flexibility - it facilitates tailoring the network to suit the customer and MPLS can carry any type of traffic making it very versatile
  • QoS - Quality of Service can be applied meaning the customer can determine the prioritisation levels associated with different types of traffic
  • Resilience - Traffic is sent on predetermined paths which can be changed automatically in the event of a failure on one path
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AirSpeed's MPLS network provides businesses with:
  • A single network platform
  • Proactive management 24x7x365
  • Network design customised to business requirements
  • Additional services like Advanced Security and SIP Voice
  • An SLA (Service Level Agreement) with metrics guaranteeing network availability and performance.
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Leased lines
Leased lines provide private symmetric connections between two or more locations at a fixed rental regardless of usage. They are also known as data lines or private circuits. These connections are not shared with other commercial or residential users.

AirSpeed Telecom provide leased lines over a range of speeds from 2Mb to Multi-Gb over fibre, licensed wireless as well as legacy copper infrastructure. Available nationally and internationally, these point-to-point connections are secure and reliable.

Some of the benefits are described below:
  • Bandwidths can be scaled as your requirement for capacity grows
  • Provided with Premium SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Delivered over Licensed Wireless or Fibre access
  • Proactively monitored with service response 24x7x365
  • Online statistics showing line usage provided as standard
  • Diversity options for resilience on mission critical circuits
Additional services such as SIP Voice and Advanced Security can be layered onto this product.
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Business Ethernet
Airspeed provides an Ethernet service for business customers with a range of speeds to suit each business. AirSpeed's service differs from many on the market in two key respects:
  • It is a symmetrical service - upload speed equals download speeds
  • It is an uncontended service - unlike many offerings in the market your etherent service is not shared between commercial and/or residential customers
Some of the benefits are described below:
  • Wide range of Bandwidths from 2Mb - 10Mb -100Mb and beyond are scalable as your business grows
  • Private, dedicated, uncontended and symmetrical connections
  • Consistent bandwidth speed that is always available
  • Rapid installation
  • Guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Range of connection options - fibre, wireless or legacy network
  • Additional services such as Advanced Security, SIP Voice
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High Speed Internet
Airspeed Telecom has an enterprise grade, fully managed high speed internet service for business customers. The internet connection is fast, uncontended and symmetrical. We connect directly to Tier1 and Tier2 IP Transit providers, to multiple internet exchanges and content delivery networks in Ireland and the UK giving you the best response.

Some of the benefits are described below:

  • Scalable bandwidths to multi-Gb
  • International peering means fast transit due to multiple direct connections to Internet Exchanges in Dublin (INEX), Cork (CNIX) and London (LINX)
  • Access over fibre or licensed wireless
  • Rapid service provisioning
  • A Service Level Agreement, which includes proactive monitoring and 24 hour service response, is guaranteed
  • These high speed internet connections are fast, reliable and secure.
Features of the service:
  • Additional security and ‘cleaning’ of internet traffic, AirSpeed Clean IP, are also available to complement this internet service
  • Our international peering arrangements improve our customer's internet experience by reducing latency to such sites as RTE, BBC, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Netflix and more
  • A fully managed service with proactive monitoring
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Direct Peering Connectivity
Airspeed Telecom can deliver high-speed interconnections to major cloud platform providers from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. 

Key Benefits:
     • Direct secure access which is not over the internet
     • Low latency
     • High bandwidth which delivers an enhanced user experience