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AirSpeed now deliver a fully automated customer cloud and network experience.

Our solution leverages software-defined networking with API integration while rapidly reducing the time to establish on-demand private connectivity to just minutes.

AirSpeed offers a choice of your preferred cloud, region and connectivity to meet the demands of your diverse IT environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Faster time to market – you don’t have to worry about the on premise infrastructure, you simply leverage our expertise to deploy in a fraction of the time, thus reducing your time to market
  • Reduced costs– pay only for what you need. AirSpeed will manage, operate and maintain both the network and the Internet service
  • Increased scalability – as your customer base grows and the usage of your application increases, you can just add additional capacity to make sure your application is running smoothly. You don’t ever have to worry about running out of server capacity
  • More flexibility and creativity – applications can very quickly be deployed. This makes it an ideal platform for your developers to let their creative minds run wild and for them to add functionality to your application that you would otherwise not have dared to implement


AirSpeed offers a consultative workshop approach when you contact us. We start by gaining an understanding of your existing telecommunications infrastructure. We will then get an appreciation of what business needs are driving your requirements now and in the medium-term future.

This discussion often facilitates the identification of opportunities for efficiencies and where additional functionality can be achieved with resulting cost savings. AirSpeed will agree a solution design with clearly defined deliverables.

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