Key Connectivity Trends for Irish Business

Improved connectivity is simply a business must have, with the drive to a cloud first, always on environment, reliable communications can be the difference between surviving or thriving, modernising operations and expanding business horizons. While the growth in connectivity is both evident and exponential, some of the innovations behind it make interesting reading.

Smart Cities

As connectivity and data speeds scale up, so too does the potential for Smart City infrastructure, it’s already having a significant impact on our urban landscapes, ranging from smart parking systems to ultra-efficient street lighting. Smart City technology will become ever more obvious in the months and years to come. Smart connectivity and data management will enhance services across; energy, transport, education and overall resource consumption, translating to increased efficiencies, opportunities and savings for new and existing businesses.


The development of Software-Defined Wide Area Networking has securely aligned the networking needs of the modern organisation with increased application performance, enhanced user experience, improved productivity and reduced IT costs. The inclusion of cloud based security and converged technologies continues the efficiencies and operational savings SD WAN can deliver.

Remote Working

Ireland is home to numerous multinational organisations where ‘working from home’ has been the norm for many years. Businesses across the country have begun to adopt and adapt to this way of working. Ensuring the employees have the correct infrastructure to facilitate efficient work practices, isn’t about the technology it’s about providing the solutions to match each individual business requirements, not all solutions are equal so the importance of connectivity and network management now extend to the home worker.


5G will come into its own over the coming years, with faster connection speeds enabling high-quality video streaming facilitating the ubiquitous connectivity supporting our modern business needs. This in turn will facilitate remote working and in Ireland, it could also lead to greater decentralisation, with staff more being able to base themselves outside Dublin and other urban hubs.

Data Security

While the greater availability of data presents a range of opportunities for business, it also comes with challenges, not least in keeping data secure. Concerns over cybersecurity will both dominate the headlines and have a profound impact on businesses of all sizes. Those operating in the financial services sector will typically be prime targets, but in total fraud and cybercrime are estimated to cost Irish businesses and the State €3.5bn every year. Irish firms are increasingly spending more to keep their data secure, but other protective measures should include carrying out simulation tests and backing up data wherever possible.

Ultimately, the move towards better connectivity represents a necessary and much-anticipated transformation in the way businesses interact with one another, their customers, and staff. Business leaders are already aware of the possibilities networked technologies provide to their future growth and success.

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