Internet Connectivity

AirSpeed Telecom peers directly to Tier1 and Tier2 IP Transit providers, to multiple internet exchanges and content delivery networks in Ireland and the UK.
• Scalable bandwidths to multiple Gbps.
• International peering means fast transit due to multiple direct connections to Internet Exchanges in Dublin (INEX), Cork (CNIX),London (LINX) and France (IX).
• Guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement) proactive monitoring and service response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

International Connectivity
AirSpeed Telecom can provide international connectivity worldwide through our international wholesale partners. All connectivity is delivered as an end to end managed service where we have full management visibility of the circuit performance.

Diversity Connectivity
Diversity is now key to many Enterprises where telecommunication is a critical element of daily operation. AirSpeed Telecom can provide truly physically diverse connectivity by combining fibre and licensed microwave.
• No risk of primary and secondary fibre in the same duct/physical path.
• Licensed microwave connections can be up to 1Gbps which compares well with fibre.

Off-net connectivity
Many Enterprises in Ireland are not well serviced by fibre. The AirSpeed Telecom Licensed microwave radio network has connectivity coverage of over 95% of Irish Businesses.
• Licensed microwave supports connectivity bandwidths up to 1Gbps.
• No need for expensive fibre dig costs.
• No waiting for long fibre lead time where a substantial dig is required.

What to expect from Airspeed when you call us:
AirSpeed Telecom offers a consultative/workshop approach when you contact us. We start by gaining an understanding of your existing telecommunications infrastructure. We will then get an understanding of what business needs are driving your requirements for today and in the medium term future. This discussion often facilitates the identification of where efficiencies and additional functionality can be achieved with resulting cost savings. AirSpeed will agree a solution design with clearly defined deliverables. You will have a dedicated account manager who will be you point of contact throughout your relationship with AirSpeed.

Case studies

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