AirSpeed Telecom facilitates Chill Insurance’s evolution into a next-generation contact centre

Chill Insurance is making its mark on Ireland's competitive insurance market. Tripling its workforce in just two years, the company has also developed one of the country's most advanced multi-channel contact centres, enabled by a strategic technology partnership with AirSpeed Telecom.

Chill Insurance has made a significant impact since its launch in 2010. In just two years the online insurance broker has grown from 50 to 180 employees, all during one of the economy's most challenging periods.

Key to the expansion was Chill's innovative use of technology, which supports its brand promise to secure the most competitive quotes for its customers. Aiming to deliver a service that spanned traditional and online communications channels, Chill's management team saw the need to revamp its technology platform, starting with a flexible communications network that could grow and develop with the company.

Multi-site, resilient connectivity to protect business continuity

Designed by AirSpeed Telecom, a new, licensed wireless IP network gives better business continuity to Chill’s two Dublin offices, which house its busy contact centre teams. Each office has dual 100Mbps links to the net, and a 1Gbps link connects the offices to each other, supporting real-time failover in the event of an outage.

While upgrading the speed of the link between its offices was important to Chill, the key emphasis was delivering improved resilience.

“The AirSpeed team came on board and took the time to understand our business continuity needs," said Padraig Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of Chill Insurance. “Our reputation is built on being available to consumers at a time and through a channel convenient to them. Our new network has automatic failover, and AirSpeed manages and monitors the network 24/7: someone is watching over our network at all times."

Scalable network grows with Chill

Kevin Gannon, Chief Financial Officer of Chill, said the IP network designed by AirSpeed provides the level of flexibility and growth that was essential to the company's vision for expansion.

"Previously, we had a legacy copper network and an ISDN voice system with limited channels, and we were fast reaching capacity,” explained Kevin. “As a growing company, what we needed was an adaptable IP network that we could scale up as we needed, as well as being able to facilitate advanced contact centre technology.”

Multi-channel contact: a customer-centred approach to insurance

Part of Chill’s expansion plans included upgrading its existing contact centre to a next-generation facility, which would enable consumers to contact the company through a variety of channels, including social media, email and through Chill’s website.

Chill  has grown its social media community by 300% in recent months which highlights the growing importance of its multi-channel strategy. Kevin said the company also plans to explore web chat options in future, which would build on the IP network foundation AirSpeed has put into place.

AirSpeed worked directly with Chill’s other technology vendors, including its systems integration and contact centre software providers, delivering a new, 150-channel SIP voice service that underpins the contact centre and supports its significant and varying call volumes.

A partnership model that helps Chill look to the future

Padraig says that the technology partnership with AirSpeed has been so successful because of the level of experience and responsiveness it offers, and AirSpeed's ability to work seamlessly with Chill's other technology providers.

"In working with a company like AirSpeed, we have direct access to the experienced senior management team," Padraig said. "They took the time to understand our business and visited our site personally to assess our requirements, and gave us a solution that perfectly met our needs. Add to that AirSpeed’s high level of responsiveness, and it gives us a hassle-free service that is managed and monitored by experts."