Broadband for Business in Ireland

Airspeed provides broadband for business owners with a fully managed network service that is custom designed to meet their specific business broadband requirements along with premium level service guarantees. Our connectivity solutions include high speed internet MORE

Technical Premium Support

Airspeed offers you top of the line technical support with service support, delivery, and service level agreements. Our Service Level Agreements, or SLAs, are provided with all our services. These detail several different performance metrics, including packet loss MORE

Looking for Internet Service Providers - What Airspeed Can Provide

What can Airspeed provide? Airspeed uses direct peering connectivity, which allows us to deliver high speed interconnections to major cloud providers with speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. This technology offers many key benefits for your business. Our Telecom MORE

What You Need to Know When Choosing Between MPLS or Ethernet

As establishments depend more on technology, WAN (Wide Area Network) connections keep businesses and overall production running efficiently and smoothly. Organisations require high levels of performance from a computer network over a broad area, crossing regional, MORE

Multiprotocol Label Switching

Multiprotocol Label Switching, also known as MPLS, is a cutting edge protocol that efficiently manages network traffic flows. It's a good choice for businesses that work collaboratively across their organisation as well as customers and suppliers. MPLS is a data MORE

What exactly is a Managed WAN Service?

A computer network that spans a large geographical area, otherwise known as a WAN (Wide-Area Network), consists of multiple LAN’s (Local-Area Networks) in order to successfully connect many different locations together. Computer systems on a Wide-Area Network are MORE

Why Businesses Choose VoIP and SIP

As technology continues to advance, effective communication has remained a crucial part of every industry. Businesses are looking for more reliable and cost effective approaches for their communication needs. In Ireland and around the world, strategies have been MORE

Understanding the current growth and need for Ethernet and IP MPLS VPN Services in 2016

Ethernet and IP MPLS VPN services have advanced steadily over the years, alongside the growing need for enhanced data management and cloud-based services. Global development in the industry has meant that the overall revenue in Ethernet services “increased 13% MORE

The Importance of Enterprise Level Symmetrical Internet Services

Internet connections can be simplified as either symmetrical or asymmetrical. When your download speeds and upload speeds are similar, this means your Internet is symmetrical. If your download speeds are faster than your upload speeds, then you have an asymmetrical MORE

What are Tier 1 and Tier 2 Providers?

The Internet is a powerful tool that has accelerated the modern age and expanded significant global communication. From computers and televisions, to tablets and mobile phones, accessing the Internet has become a daily activity whether we are in our homes or in our MORE

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07 September 2018 Industry focus: delivering network reliability for Irish credit unions

For a credit union, as for any small business, so much re...

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