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Innovative International Telephony Solution

Approach People Recruitment is an international recruitment agency that recruits for big name companies, including Apple and Dior. The company is located in Ireland, but they have offices all over Europe.

Their consultants are always on the go, so they needed a reliable calling system that wasn’t in a fixed location. They needed a professional voice telecommunications solution that would allow them to have flexible access to all of their offices, so they could work from any location.

Airspeed recommended a scalable 5 MB internet link and 30-channel SIP trunk to connect its Dublin headquarters to Airspeed Telecom’s core network. All calls are provided via the Dublin IP PBX, including calls to and from the offices in Dublin, Paris, Lyon, Geneva, and Barcelona.

Consultants are able to make calls with IP handsets that connect directly to their computers. This allows them to leverage the local branch’s internet connection for voice services, and therefore reduce cost to the company.

So Airspeed was able to simplify Approach People’s communications while lowering the costs and providing them with faster and more reliable service.

So what are the key benefits of SIP that make it worth considering?

With Sip there is no need to purchase ISDN, BRI, PRI or PSTN circuits as SIP will be carried on your existing data connection

Where there is redundant IP/Data links you have SIP Trunk redundancy at no additional cost

There is optimal bandwidth utilisation as both voice and data will be on the same connection

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