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Industry focus: delivering network reliability for Irish credit unions

For a credit union, as for any small business, so much rests on the organisation's connectivity, both to the internet and among branches. The ongoing modernisation and fortification of credit unions' information technology systems, as laid out in the Central Bank's guidance, means that connectivity has come under new scrutiny. How reliable is the connection your business relies on? What provision have you made for business continuity in the event of a disaster – and have you made those arrangements assuming the disaster will happen, ready to test your DR arrangements to ensure they're ready for action?

At AirSpeed Telecom we work with a number of Irish credit unions, who choose us from among a competitive field of other providers for a few important reasons:

We work solely with businesses

Home broadband solutions belong in the home. Credit unions are steadily moving away from the first-generation connectivity solutions they began with: home-style circuits that were not only heavily contended (meaning that up to 24 premises in their area were sharing the same bandwidth), but that also carried slow repair times, which could leave you for up to 5 days without connectivity while you waited for a fix. At AirSpeed Telecom we never have and never will provide home-style broadband: we are a business-only telecoms partner, which means every customer who chooses us benefits from our premium Service Level Agreements, 24-7 network oversight and management from our engineering and support teams, and our guarantee that we'll do everything we can to keep you connected, because we know you and your customers are counting on us. Plus, your connection is never shared with others: a 100 Mbps service from us means exactly that. You get 100 Mbps for downloads and the same speed for uploads. With the demand for bandwidth continuing to increase, you also have the peace of mind that we're ready to provide even faster speeds as you need them, so you'll never be left wanting.

We are all over Ireland

Thanks to our nationwide reach, AirSpeed Telecom can service businesses in every county. Our services are not restricted to city centres. In fact, because our heritage is in the provision of licensed wireless services, we have a strong track record in delivering reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity where no one else can reach, in some of Ireland's most rural and remote areas. Wherever you are, we'll get you connected with a cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on quality.

Reliable connectivity that supports your business continuity plans

We're proud to be a trusted provider to a number of Irish credit unions who are actively implementing business continuity plans to ensure availability of service to customers in the event of disaster. We work with you, and your other information technology partners, to support you as you put in place diverse connectivity and new DR facilities. We also help you test your diversity and the connectivity elements of your DR plans, to confirm you will stay connected in the event of an incident that destroys your primary facility or circuit, or renders them unavailable. Through our relationship with enet's wholesale business, we are a full-service provider of both fibre and wireless connectivity, from our own network and from other Irish providers, to give you a complete set of options that spans technologies and partners.

Improved risk management -- and improved governance of the IT function and the reliability of your connectivity -- makes good business sense and is unavoidable as the Central Bank closely monitors the ongoing modernisation and standardisation of Irish credit unions. If you're seeking a proven, business-focused telecoms partner who can help bring your network reliability to the next level, talk to us.

Senan Power is Business Development Manager for AirSpeed Telecom. Contact Senan at 087 270-7507


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