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Future Proofed Network to Support Voice and Video Conferencing

Technology moves very fast, making it important to future proof your business. Airspeed can help you future proof your network to continue to support voice and video conferencing, as we did with our customer Keelings.

Keelings is a multinational company that is constantly growing. They grow, source, ship, market and distribute fresh produce to Ireland, the UK, and Europe. They have nine business units, and employ about 1,700 employees. They needed a reliable wide area network that could support their IT centralisation program and the use of VOIP and video conferencing company wide.

Before Keelings rolled out its IT centralisation program, all applications were accessed locally at the nine business units. At the time, most sites had WAN speeds of 256 kbps. They made the decision to centralise all their applications at their head office in Dublin, but it was clear that they would need a faster more flexible network would be imperative to their success.

Airspeed came up with a solution that would be much faster and save Keeling’s money over their existing network. They rolled out a new WAN that was based on licensed wireless, that would connect all of the remote sites to the head office at much faster speeds, and save Keeling’s 20% on their network costs.

Since the upgrade, key applications are much faster. This allows employees to be more productive, and management can make decisions faster.

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