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Customer focus - Pembroke Hall Companies setting up in Dublin for the first time rely heavily on knowledgeable local partners like Pembroke Hall, one of Ireland’s best-known serviced offices companies, to help them hit the ground running. Pembroke Hall’s own business relationships are equally vital, and a partnership with AirSpeed Telecom has let Pembroke Hall meet customer demands even as the demand for internet bandwidth continues to soar.

Part of Pembroke Hall’s success is the prime location of its Dublin offices, including Fitzwilliam Square and Lower Baggot Street. From just one location in 2008, it’s expanded to 17 buildings around the city, and has developed strong links with the large accounting firms as well as the government agencies bringing FDI companies into Ireland.

“A big part of our growth has been that our customers know we are reliable,” said Thomas Lenehan, co-owner of Pembroke Hall. “We deliver what we say we will, and when, and a central part of that is IT. When we went to the market for a connectivity partner, we looked at a number of companies but chose AirSpeed because they understand our business.”

High profile Pembroke Hall customers include New York headquartered media company Shutterstock, which opened its first Irish office in 2018 to focus on engineering and R&D for its global customer base. Its bandwidth-intensive business is a good example of how Pembroke Hall’s customer base has driven its own needs for a rock-solid connectivity partner.

A decade ago, a 20 Mbps internet connection coming into a large building was ample for all tenants, Thomas says. “Today, we have 1 Gbps circuits going into each of our 17 buildings – and in cases where we have very heavy users in a single building, we’re providing them with 1 Gbps internet links apiece,” he says. “We aim to overdeliver.”

Custom presentation of bandwidth to meet customer needs

Pembroke Hall is currently consolidating all internet circuits across its properties with AirSpeed, who procures, provisions and installs the network connections, sourced from a variety of wholesale suppliers. AirSpeed technicians integrate on the ground with Pembroke Hall’s in-house IT and local-area network team, ensuring that circuits are presented as distinct VLANs for each tenant where required.

AirSpeed’s familiarity with a range of enabling technologies also allowed it to be flexible and provide a rapid alternative recently when a wholesale fibre supplier was slow to deliver.

“Senan, our AirSpeed account manager, was able to get in place for us, very quickly, an alternative 300 Mbps radio link when it looked as if the fibre supplier was going to miss the drop-dead delivery date,” Thomas recalls. “As it played out, the fibre was there on time, but we were very happy to know that AirSpeed had us covered. They do all they can to help us achieve our goals. And in doing so, they achieve their goals. It’s a good relationship.”
What does AirSpeed Telecom do for Pembroke Hall?

  • Uncontended gigabit-speed MPLS fibre connectivity into Pembroke Hall’s key sites in Dublin: Clarendon Street, Mount Street & Upper Mount Street, Baggot Street and Pembroke Street
  • Premium Service Level Agreement, with proactive monitoring and service response 24x7x365
  • Presentation of circuits separated into VLANs for individual tenant use, including 10Gbps circuits partitioned into dedicated 1 Gbps lines where needed
  • Mix of fibre and radio connectivity solutions to meet short timescale delivery dates

Benefits for Pembroke Hall at a glance

  • No-fail, Gigabit-speed internet connectivity for tenants across its 17 serviced offices in Dublin city centre
  • Rapid delivery of dedicated circuits up to 1Gbps per tenant
  • Peace of mind that connectivity delivery dates will be met, especially critical for high-profile FDI clients entering Ireland


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