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Customer focus - Cora Systems Location has been no hindrance to multinational software company Cora Systems, founded in the northwest of Ireland and now with offices in three countries. Its high-reliability network from AirSpeed Telecom is vital to its growth, especially as the company expands its US operations.

Cora Systems' Portfolio and Project Management software is at the heart of some of the world's largest business transformation programs. Its solutions are relied upon by organisations like Allergan, the HSE, City of London and Analog Devices, to cost, schedule, track and manage the numerous concurrent workstreams that need close oversight if complex programs are to be a success and stay on budget. Whether it's a digital transformation program rolled out by government, a new product launch or complex merger & acquisition activity, Cora PPM is seen as one of the most reliable ways for program managers to plan, execute and control their project costs.

Cora Systems, which today employs 60 (pictured), needs the same reliability in its own network. As it scaled from a startup operation through rapid growth in the early 2000s, it knew it had to drive out costs and get better performance from its connectivity partner.

"We were aware of AirSpeed Telecom early on and asked them for a data solution to replace our 1- and 2-Mbps lines in our Carrick-on-Shannon headquarters, but through speaking with them, we realised that here was a chance to take out significant call costs," says CEO Philip Martin. "We were spending a small fortune on calls to the UK and to Irish mobiles. We switched to AirSpeed for data and for all our inbound and outbound calls, and the quality's been perfect."

Network reliability lets Cora Systems reach the world from Ireland's northwest

A recent office move highlighted a further benefit of using its data link for voice calls: Cora Systems was able to unplug its systems in the old office and plug in again at its new premises, and phone service was available the same day.

"With traditional phones, the expense and the delays associated with moving lines during an office move were painful," Philip says. "There was no downtime with AirSpeed's SIP solution, and their engineers who advised us were just excellent. The way they communicate with us is something we really value: any service on the network is done out of hours and we're always told in advance. We need reliability in the partners we choose, and AirSpeed gives us that."

Cora is currently relocating and expanding its US offices and growing via partnership into new territories in the Middle East. This means further growth in its hosting environment and server base, and even greater reliance on its connectivity. Its strong growth continues to attract attention for Cora as a prime example of how Irish businesses based outside urban areas can operate globally.

"If I hear people say the bandwidth here is the reason businesses here are held back, I tell them they're wrong," Philip said. "There may be reasons that businesses don't succeed in the northwest, but connectivity should not be one of them. With partners like AirSpeed, the uncontended high bandwidth and the reliability are available, and they've been a big part of our own success."


What does AirSpeed Telecom do for Cora Systems?

Uncontended 100 Mbps MPLS fibre connectivity from its Carrick-on-Shannon headquarters into the AirSpeed Telecom core network and WAN connectivity to offices in the UK and US

Premium Service Level Agreement, with proactive monitoring and service response 24x7x365

SIP trunk for inbound and outbound calls, delivered on future-proofed, high-capacity link with Quality of Service guarantee

Backup based on high speed VDSL for both voice and data services

Provision of firewall


Benefits for Cora Systems at a glance

Guaranteed uptime for its connectivity-dependent business: its Project and Portfolio Management software is hosted remotely and high-speed network allows staff to make changes to the code base in real time

Significant savings on a range of outbound call types, including mobile-to-international calls, using voice over IP

Extension short-code dialling enabled between all three international offices

Following an office move, phone service was available the same day at the new premises due to the flexibility of VoIP


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