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Customer focus - ByrneWallace As a full-service law firm and one of the top practices in Ireland, ByrneWallace understands better than most the technology challenges that legal practices must navigate to remain competitive, meet staff expectations and above all, stay secure. Its strategic use of technology, fuelled by key partnerships like that with AirSpeed Telecom, is vital in keeping ByrneWallace at the head of its industry.

With over 280 staff and growing by around 15 percent a year, ByrneWallace is known for being forward thinking and lives that reputation: it was an early adopter of IP telephony and was the first practice in Ireland to achieve ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management. Continually pushing forward on technology has been a central plank in its success -- both to stay compliant and to remain relevant in its sector.

Two years ago, the company knew it had to overhaul its telecoms capacity. Increasingly, the 50Mbps circuit to its Harcourt Street, Dublin office was maxing out, which meant delays across the board, including latency on its SIP voice services.

After looking at options, and on the recommendation from ByrneWallace's Cisco partner and from other law practices who work with AirSpeed Telecom, ByrneWallace selected AirSpeed as its connectivity provider.

"I liked AirSpeed's approach to the engagement from day one, and there was a real comfort value when they showed me what they could offer in terms of resilience, failover, speed and connectivity," ByrneWallace Head of IT John Kelly said. "They were also able to tell me about what other professional services companies and large organisations are doing now with their WAN links, and about future-proofing. I felt informed, and I felt I was in safe hands."

The new circuits from AirSpeed Telecom connect ByrneWallace to the Internet and to its off-site disaster recovery location, and the link delivers inbound and outbound calls via a new, upgraded SIP trunk. Failover of the service between primary and secondary links, and diverse routing to its disaster recovery site, protect business continuity and uptime.

The AirSpeed circuits have increased ByrneWallace's bandwidth significantly: from 500Mbps/100Mbps download and upload speed to 10Gbps/1 Gbps. This huge increase in capacity has improved the performance and responsiveness of all services. The new connectivity has also hardened security by moving ByrneWallace to a secure MPLS solution, and it’s opened new possibilities in how the practice can use technology and secure hosted services.

"Having 10 Gbps to our disaster recovery facility will let us host more services from there, which improves security, because it's a dedicated, professional data centre," John says. "We can also do much more on the business continuity side, with live mirrored services."

He adds that ByrneWallace is also under pressure to facilitate staff who are asking to work remotely: requests that ByrneWallace wants to agree to, as a forward-looking firm whose staff increasingly live outside Dublin and commute.

"Our staff, especially new staff coming in, have no problem using technology and have certain expectations of what an employer should be able to deliver. It's about helping our people work smarter: letting them make use of a long commute, for instance, by making sure they have secure access to email on their phone, laptop, or tablet. We know we can deliver that secure mobility, because we have that steadfast access speed from AirSpeed."


What does AirSpeed Telecom do for ByrneWallace?

  • 10 Gbps MPLS primary and secondary fibre connectivity from its Dublin office, diversely routed to its offsite disaster recovery (DR) location and to the internet
  • Premium Service Level Agreement, with proactive monitoring and service response 24x7x365
  • Capability to deliver more hosted services to staff from its secure DR location
  • SIP trunk for inbound and outbound calls, delivered on future-proofed, high-capacity link with Quality of Service safeguarding voice quality
  • Significant savings on a range of outbound call types, including mobile-to-international calls, using voice over IP

Benefits for ByrneWallace at a glance

  • support business and staff growth with significant increase in bandwidth
  • better business continuity by enabling real-time disaster recovery services
  • cost reductions on outbound calls with SIP
  • industry insight from AirSpeed Telecom on best practices in WAN future-proofing and growth
  • support work-life balance for staff with secure mobility and flexible working
  • improve security by opening the potential to deliver more hosted services


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