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AirSpeed partners with Equinix to provide secure cloud solution

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data centre company, today […]

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AirSpeed Telecom appoints Gary Connors as Customer Support and Operations Manager

AirSpeed Telecom, a leading provider of high-performance telecommunications products and bandwidth services […]

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The Advantages of Leased Lines – Get up to Speed! 

With all the various terminology, sometimes it can be difficult to decipher […]

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Cloud Computing – Why Cloud Connectivity Is Key!

So why is cloud connectivity key to Cloud computing?  The promise of […]

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Things to consider when looking for a business SD-WAN solution

The Internet is like a many-layered cake. The more layers you have […]

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Busting the myths about VoIP and Hosted Voice

Many of you will have heard of Voice Over IP (VoIP) or hosted voice, you may have also heard some myths about these solutions. This blog will look at the myths about VoIP and Hosted voice solutions, giving you the facts.

VoIP is secure

Once you and your employees are connected to a secure network there will be no security issues with your phone system.

Voice Quality

There is often a fear that if you move to a VoIP solution, that will mean downgrading the quality of voice calls. This is inaccurate. Again, once you have a good quality internet connection the call quality will not be affected.

Replacing traditional landline

Some people worry that VoIP cannot replace a traditional phoneline, this is not true. A hosted voice solution can do everything your landline does and more.

Keep your own number

You can keep your own number when moving from traditional phone lines to VoIP. This is a major benefit for businesses.


Once you have business class connectivity, a hosted voice solution can be used anywhere, whether that’s on your laptop, an app on your phone or a traditional handset. Hosted voice solutions allow you to take calls wherever you are, on whatever device you are using.

Business Intelligence

A major benefit is that calls can be monitored and recorded. You can also monitor productivity which is more important than ever as more people are remote working. Hosted voice gives you a dashboard which allows you to control call flows and ensure that the business operates efficiently.

VoIP can be used to send/receive fax

Many people believe you cannot send or receive fax messages when using hosted voice platform, this is incorrect. Cloud based voice solutions make Unified Communications more accessible, meaning you can operate your business more efficiently.

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