Customer focus - Cora Systems

Location has been no hindrance to multinational software company Cora Systems, founded in the northwest of Ireland and now with offices in three countries. Its high-reliability network from AirSpeed Telecom is vital to its growth, especially as the company expands its MORE

GDPR & AirSpeed Privacy Policy Update

AirSpeed Telecom has recently updated the orgnisations Online Privacy Policy in line with the GDPR which came into effect in May 2018.AirSpeed Telecom is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.  We respect your right to privacy and take seriously our MORE

Customer focus - ByrneWallace

As a full-service law firm and one of the top practices in Ireland, ByrneWallace understands better than most the technology challenges that legal practices must navigate to remain competitive, meet staff expectations and above all, stay secure. Its strategic use of MORE

AirSpeed Telecom purchase by Irish Infrastructure Fund positions us for growth

AirSpeed Telecom reached an important milestone recently when the company was acquired by the Irish Infrastructure Fund (IIF). We're excited about this development as it leaves us very well positioned for growth and importantly gives a strong forward direction for our MORE

What’s the cost to your company if connectivity goes down?

“If you want the guarantee of 100% availability, you’ve got to have diversity”, says Brendan Martin, MD of AirSpeed TelecomAirspeed in - read the full article here >> What’s the cost to your company if connectivity goes down? MORE

Innovative International Telephony Solution

Approach People Recruitment is an international recruitment agency that recruits for big name companies, including Apple and Dior. The company is located in Ireland, but they have offices all over Europe. Their consultants are always on the go, so they needed a MORE

Future Proofed Network to Support Voice and Video Conferencing

Technology moves very fast, making it important to future proof your business. Airspeed can help you future proof your network to continue to support voice and video conferencing, as we did with our customer Keelings. Keelings is a multinational company that is MORE

Cloud Computing in 2017

Cloud computing has been transformative for both businesses and individuals in the last five years, and 2017 is shaping up to be a very innovative year. One change coming in 2017 is that enterprises will begin taking advantage of the cloud. Enterprises have big MORE

Broadband for Business in Ireland

Airspeed provides broadband for business owners with a fully managed network service that is custom designed to meet their specific business broadband requirements along with premium level service guarantees. Our connectivity solutions include high speed internet MORE

Technical Premium Support

Airspeed offers you top of the line technical support with service support, delivery, and service level agreements. Our Service Level Agreements, or SLAs, are provided with all our services. These detail several different performance metrics, including packet loss MORE

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31 May 2018 Customer focus - Cora Systems Location has been no hindrance to multinational software company Cora ...

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