Ethernet Service for Business

We provide an Ethernet service for business customers with a range of speeds to suit each business.

AirSpeed's service is unique because:
  • It is a symmetrical service - upload speed equals download speeds
  • It is an uncontended service - unlike many offerings in the market your etherent service is not shared between commercial and/or residential customers
Key benefits:
  • Wide range of Bandwidths from 2Mb - 10Mb -100Mb and beyond
  • Scalable bandwidth as your business grows
  • Private, dedicated, uncontended and symmetrical connections
  • Consistent bandwidth speed that is always available
  • Rapid installation & Guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Connection options - fibre, wireless or legacy network
  • Additional services such as Advanced Security, SIP Voice
Contact us to discuss your connectivity requirements.

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